Pierre Paulin Ribbon Chair

This classic design by Pierre Paulin dates from 1966 and is as comfortable as it is unique. The Ribbon features a metal frame with horizontal springs covered with foam and stretch fabric. The base is made of lacquered pressed wood. The Ribbon is exhibited in the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The Artifort Ribbon Chair was featured in the Film "Aeon Flux" staring Charlize Theron. The council members sat in a circle of these chairs, in a distinctive magenta color.

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Paulin's designs were fresh and innovative. His striking, brightly coloured seating sculptures raised eyebrows at home and abroad. Right up to today, they are regarded as the face of the Artifort collection. To produce these designs, a new construction method was introduced in collaboration with Artifort's development department. Artifort started to work with foam-covered metal tube frames and stretch fabrics. In 1967 Paulin met Jack Lenor Larsen and together they formed a golden duo. In fact they changed the way in which the world viewed design, in terms of form, materials and textiles. Now, forty years later, Artifort has resumed production of the fabric Momentum exclusively for Paulin's designs.

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Pierre Paulin's Ribbon Chair for Artifort
Pierre Paulin's Ribbon Chair for Artifort
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